Your Item Chest

Main Menu_edited.jpg
Main Menu_edited.jpg

Evony has very kindly provided each player with an Item chest, that can be found in the Main Menu ('...') on your screen. This item chest appears to have an infinite holding capacity, so gather as much of everything as you can and don't discard it, as who knows when it may come in useful.

Main Menu_edited.jpg
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Your items chest is divided into 6 sections, to make it easier to find specific objects, however as one of these sections is an 'All', there is really only 5 that provide this function. All the items are listed in a specific order with the weakest or smallest value type of that item listed first (as with many things in Evony, the use of colour coding can give you a quick indication of their level - lowest = white -> green -> blue -> purple -> orange -> gold -> red = highest). The number of the item you have is indicated in the bottom right of the item image. A green arrow in the bottom left of the item image indicates that this item can be 'composed' (this means that three items of the same level and type can be combined together to make the same item of a higher level).

          The first tab is the 'Common' items. This consists of your event items (e.g. wishing coins, viking chests, garuda feathers, etc) as well as the chests you receive from monster kills, resource chests and general fragments.

          The second tab is the 'Speed Ups'. Here you will find all your speed up items, starting with the general speed ups (which can be used on anything able to be sped up), then Construction speed ups, Research speed ups, Training speed ups, Healing speed ups, Trap Building speed ups, Crafting speed ups, Gathering speed ups and lastly March speed ups.

          The third tab contains your 'Equipment'. This collection of items is most relevant to your forge initally, however will become important when you get a dragon. The items listed in this section include your refining stones (as a smaller player these will seem a waste of time, but they will become important later - refer to General Gear Refining - so stock up while you can), the various types of crafting materials for the forge (purple crystal, blue stone, red agate, silver pearl, meteorolite, iron, bronze, wood, bone, leather, feathers and dragon scales), crafting scrolls and any equipment not currently being used by a general.

          The fourth tab is the 'Special' items tab. This contains the "less frequently used but still very important items" that will assist you with your development. These items include your relic hammers, runestones, teleports, bubbles, relic maps, free tax, tributes, research stones, monarch and general experience upgrades, city buffs and unused skill books.

          The fifth tab is the 'Blazon' tab, and this is a relatively new menu. This menu contains the equipment (Blazons) that can be applied to your troops. Currently there are 48 different blazons you can collect. Unlike the other menu's, this menu does not have an unlimited capacity and you are only able to store a maximum of 500 items inside. You also have a sort option available with this menu and your Blazons can be arranged according to when you obtained them, by their level or by the troops they can be added to (ground then ranged, then mounted, then siege)

          Lastly is the 'All' tab, which contains everything already mentioned in the previous tabs, so it does help if you know which section to look in beforehand, rather than searching through everything (unless of course you wish to marvel at your entire collection). 

So if you have a specific item you wish to know more about, either use the following search function, or look through the 5 tab options listed below.