Bubbles (Truce Agreements)

This is far and away the most important skill to master if you are to survive Evony. Learn the why and how of bubbles.

Bubbles (Truce Agreements)

A Truce Agreement (affectionately known as the bubble) is a safety buff that protects you and your subordinate cities. It means no-one can attack or scout you. Everything within is protected, from your generals to your troops, to your resources. Learning the best way to use your bubble is a key skill to ensuring your growth and development. Not using your bubble will cost you the resources plundered taken during the attack to the resources required to heal and train your troops up again, the time you spent training and gathering, plus any use of speed ups or gems that could have been avoided (and used for your development). It is important to know that you can still attack monsters and participate in rallies while in a bubble, without risk to your troops or castle, however there are other activities that are risky while your bubble is intact, so please read below to find out all the details you need to know about bubbles.

Activating Bubbles:
There are two ways of activating your bubble.
1. In your castle view, tap on the keep. This will open a menu with the option of 'City buff'. Tap on this and you will see a Truce agreement option. Tap on that and you will have the choice of 8 hour, 24 hour, 3 day or 7 day truces. Once the truce is activated, you will see a bubble covering your city and subordinate cities as protection.
2. On the server view, tap on your castle. This will open a menu that also shows the 'City buff' option. The process is then the same as described above.
It is not difficult to obtain enough gems to sufficiently bubble constantly each week. Lion has been posting the instructions all week in the chat - I highly recommend you read it if you haven't already.

Bubble Choices:
The 8 hour bubble - This bubble costs 600 gems and will only last 8 hours (that's 75 gems for each hour). You should get 1 free 8 hour bubble each week as a daily (day 6) login gift if you are ranked as a civilian (linked to your prestige levels).
The 24 hour bubble - This bubble costs 1000 gems and will last for 24 hours (that's about 42 gems for each hour). You should get 1 free 24 hour bubble each week as a daily (day 6) login gift if you are ranked as a knight (linked to your prestige levels).
The 3 day bubble - This bubble costs 2500 gems and will last for 3 days (that's about 35 gems an hour). This is a very useful bubble to have in store as a 3 day truce will see you through the server war (and the purge event beforehand).
The 7 day bubble - This bubble costs 50,000 gems and will last for a whole week (that's about 298 gems an hour). I don't recommend you buy the 7 day truce as it is too costly for what you get (the cost is the same as 20 x 3 day bubbles).

Bubble Colours:
Did you know that there are different colours for the bubbles?
* Your normal bubble has a white hue. This is a bubble that you have activated. All other players on the server will also have this 'white' bubble, if they have activated their truce agreement. This white bubble will appear regardless of what bubble is used, so it will not indicate how long the truce agreement has been activated for (in other words, an 8 hour, 24 hour, 3 day or 7 day bubble will all appear as a 'white' bubble).
* Occasionally you may notice a bubble with a green hue. These will only appear during Server wars. When the server war actually starts (after the purge event), the R5 (Leader) and R4's (Second in charge) can apply a bubble to any unbubbled alliance members to protect them. This does cost them gems to do so (1000 gems) and only an 8 hour bubble can be applied. There is also only a limited number that a R4 or R5 can purchase per day (no more than 5 bubbles each), so it is preferable to try and manage your own bubble as much as possible.
Of course, these green bubbles can be used very effectively during server wars when attacking an enemy castle on your map. It is possible to work as a team and have an R4 or R5 apply a green bubble to your castle for you during an attack. Having this second person keeping watch on your castle while you are occupied with the attack can give you increased odds of getting out of a sticky situation with a minimum of damage (particularly if you are the bait).
* The other type of bubble you may see is the red hue bubble. This bubble implies that the player is currently in a battlefield event. These events last for two hours, so you can use it to gauge when a player will return to your server again.

Bubble downsides:
There are a few conditions attached to bubbles that you need to be aware of.
1. Using multiple truce items does not stack the buff time. This means that using 2 x 3 day bubbles will NOT protect your castle for 6 days. It will still only protect your castle for 3 days. Activation of a truce agreement will over-ride any current truce agreement you are using, so don't buy a truce agreement (using gems) if you are not ready to use it because it will automatically be activated and dismiss your current one.
2. Whilst there are a number of activities you can still do from within your bubble, there are a number of activities you can't, and initiating these 'can't' activities will automatically burst your bubble. You cannot send out a scout or attack another player without cancelling the bubble. This includes the Artic Barbarian Castles Event. Whilst you will get good resources from this event, your bubble will expire as soon as you start the attack.
3. Related to point 2, there are activities you need to be aware of that will not cancel your truce agreement, but will also not provide you any protection. Sending your troops out to gather from resource tiles and relics will not cancel your bubble, but these troops will not be protected at these sites, so they are still vulnerable to attack. If there is a risk of attack while performing these gathering activities (and you really have to do this gathering), it is recommended that you send a 'non-critical' general and weak troops to minimise your losses should you not be able to recall them before the attack arrives.
4. Bubble scouting is possible. This is when another player sends a scout to find out how much time your bubble has remaining. It is important that you not get too concerned about this type of scouting. As long as you are vigilant with applying a new bubble before your current bubble expires, you will remain protected and your aggressor will have to wait a bit longer.
You can still attack monsters and participate in rallies.

Ways to get Bubbles :
It is possible for all players ('non-paying' or 'paid up') to get enough gems each week to easily be able to bubble up for the entire 7 days. Check out the suggestions below.

Other Bubble Tips and Possibly Interesting Facts :
1) Did you know that sometimes when Evony need to do a server upgrade or some other long process that shuts players out for a while, they will apply complimentary bubbles to all players for 24 hours after re-opening the game to everyone. I have noticed (as an interesting observation to me anyway) that these bubbles are only applied to players who have been active in the last 7 days. It can be useful to use this opportunity to bookmark any inactive castles nearby to practise attacking on or use as a 'farm'. It may also help you identify any nice sub cities that are not owned by active players. So if you come across any unbubbled blue, purple or gold subs during this time, let me know!