There are a number of really useful and really important skills to master if you want to survive on Evony.

Image of Twelve Apostle Rock formation, on the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia 

The best way to get resources (RSS) to feed your castle's needs is to gather from the available resource tiles around you.
Itchnesun - 17th Feb 2022
Ghosting is a very useful skill to know when on the battlefield.
Itchnesun - 12th Feb 2022
Bubbles (Truce Agreements)
This is far and away the most important skill to master if you are to survive Evony. Learn the why and how of bubbles.
Itchnesun - 2nd Jan 2022
Rallies are important for your development. Read how to make the most of this alliance activity for maximum gain at minimum effort.
Itchnesun - 2nd Jan 2022