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Yue Fei

The famous general in the Southern Song, who was highly respected by the people.

Yue Fei
Base Statistics


Leadership : 118
Attack : 113
Defence : 115
Politics : 95

Loyalty to the Country : Increases ground and mounted troops attack by 25% and increases ground and mounted troops HP by 10% when General is leading the army to attack.

Special Skills

* Mounted Troop Assault (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% mounted troop attack and +10% mounted troop HP.
* Annihilation (Maximum Level Attributes) : +6% march size capacity and +10% attacking mounted and ground troop attack.
* War God (Maximum Level Attributes) : +6% all troops attack.
* Battle of Yancheng (Maximum Level Attributes) : +15% ground and mounted troop attack and -20% enemy mounted troop attack.

Yue Fei Notes: Like all good mounted generals, Yue is also a very good monster hunter.