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Nathanael Greene

A major general of the Continental Army inn the American Revolutionary War.

Nathanael Greene
Base Statistics


Leadership : 101
Attack : 103
Defence : 102
Politics : 105

Strategy Expert : Reduces your stamina's cost by 25% when General is leading the army to attack monsters.

Special Skills

* Mounted Troop Formation (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% mounted troop attack and +10% mounted troop defence.
* Sabotage (Maximum Level Attributes) : -10% enemy troop defence.
* Unparalleled Leader (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% death-turning-wounded rate of troops when they are attacking.
* Battle of Cowpens (Maximum Level Attributes) : +26% mounted troop attack and +20% march speed.

Nathanael Greene Notes: It is necessary to recruit this General to be able to receive Art Hall rewards.