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The last active pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt, shortly survived as pharaoh by her son Caesarion

Base Statistics


Leadership : 84
Attack : 66
Defence : 105
Politics : 114

Enchantment : Grants you a 20% Double items drop rate from monsters when General is leading the army.

Special Skills

* Mounted Troop Defence (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% Mounted Troop HP and +10% Mounted Troop Defence
* Suppress (Maximum Level Attributes) : -10% Enemy Troop HP
* King's Ambition (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% Troop death into troop soul rate in the main city

Cleopatra Notes:
Cleo is a really good first monster killer for Evony players and is reasonably easy to get, as long as you find the Mysterious puzzles a breeze. Once you have completed the first 10 puzzles, you will be given her as a reward. Her greatest advantage is the Enchantment buff which increases the rewards from monster kills, that can be really helpful to a developing player.