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Ban Chao

Awarded the title "Protector General of the Western Regions" by the Han government.

Ban Chao
Base Statistics


Leadership : 106
Attack : 103
Defence : 116
Politics : 113

Western Regions : Reduces enemy mounted troops attack by 20% and increases your in city ranged troops attack by 20% when General is the Archer Tower Officer.

Special Skills

* Ground Troop Assault (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% ground troop attack and +10% ground troop HP.
* Sabotage (Maximum Level Attributes) : -10% enemy troop defence.
* Sage (Maximum Level Attributes) : +90% archer tower attack when General is Archer Tower Officer,
* Guard of the Western Regions (Maximum Level Attributes) : -20% enemy mounted troop attack and +100% archer tower attack.

Ban Chao Notes: It is necessary to recruit this General to be able to receive Art Hall rewards.