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Askia Muhammad I

An emperor, military commander, and political reformer of the Songhai Empire

Askia Muhammad I
Base Statistics


Leadership : 109
Attack : 100
Defence : 102
Politics : 109

King of Gold : Reduces the Gem and resource cost of siege machine repairing by 15% and increases in-city siege machine attack by 25% when General is the Trap Factory Officer.

Special Skills

* Siege Machine Defence (Maximum Level Attributes) : +10% Siege Machine HP and +10% Siege Machine Defence.
* Trapping (Maximum Level Attributes) : +20% Training Speed in Subordinate City when Mayor and +6% Death into Survival Rate in Subordinate City when Mayor.
* Sage (Maximum Level Attributes) : +40% Trap Building Speed when Trap Factory Officer and +20% Damaged Siege Machine Capacity when Trap Factory Officer.
* Empire of Songhai (Maximum Level Attributes) : -16% Siege Machine Repair when Trap Factory Officer and +60% Traps Building Speed when Trap Factory Officer.

Askia Muhammad I Notes: It is necessary to recruit this General to be able to receive Art Hall rewards.