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My Fantastic FOE Without BOC and BOG on this week, I had thought it would be a great opportunity to review the battlefields for our newest members, but then I changed my mind and decided on a far more important topic to discuss - communication (which is also very important for the battlefields). I am happy to acknowledge that the translation function in Evony is a little unreliable (understated I know, but I'm trying to put it nicely), talking is a very important part of teamwork. All the exceptional sport people know this and as each of us should know, our own bodies can't function properly if the brain doesn't communicate to the rest of our parts. So I wanted to share with you all how we can build an even better team FOE, just by using our TALK. 'T' is for Take the time to say hello. This may seem silly if you are just popping in and out, but it is reassuring to know others are on, especially when running rallies. 'A' is for Ask questions. There are so many ways to ask questions when you are part of an alliance like FOE. Of course, you could always find out for yourself, but asking questions (and sharing answers) in alliance chat is really useful to everyone. I strongly encourage you to scroll back and read what has been written in AC (Alliance Chat, not to be confused with Arctic Castles) as there can be an abundance of really useful information to help your gameplay. Taking screen shots will save useful tips for later reference. You can also use World chat as a source of information (sometimes there are small nuggets of information amongst the rubbish usually posted), or you are always welcome to whisper or mail me or other members. 'L' is for Learn about your teammates. Everyone in FOE is amazing and building friendships with each other helps us to work together even better. Knowing each others strengths and abilities can only benefit us as a team in events such as the battlefields. Building these relationships also develops the supportive and loyal environment (like a big family) that I feel when I am here with my FOE. 'K' is for Keep it up. Yes, there are times when we don't have much to say or don't feel like saying much, and that is OK. But just know that without good communication amongst us all, it is difficult to help you develop and grow, and without a team effort, FOE can't become the powerhouse alliance I know we can be. This game offers many opportunities for individual players and for teams, let's take advantage of them. As always, I am here to help if there is anything mentioned above that doesn't make sense to you (or if the translation is rubbish and requires clarification). Please note that a lack of communication or inappropriate postings are likely to result in being expelled. Good communication will build a strong alliance. Best regards from your Friend on Evony Itchnesun

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