Event Centre Monster : A valiant Viking with strong desires to fight


If you are looking for a good source of gold then Vikings are your monster. These monsters only appear in the Event centre, under the title 'Viking Challenge'. It is a fairly common occurring event which lasts for 3 days.

There are 3 components to this event:
1) Personal Trial - 10 Stamina required (whether on your own or in a rally), 1 poleaxe required only if you plan on doing a rally or when asking for help from other alliance members (no poleaxe necessary if you take it out on your own)..

* EASY - contains 50 levels of Viking, ranging from 1.1M to 14.1M power. It is recommended to attack them with 150,000 T10 cavalry (which should give no wounded up to level 41).
* NORMAL - contains 50 levels of Viking, ranging from 3.2M to 91.7M in power. It is recommended to attack them with 645,000 T12 cavalry (which will give no wounded up to level 41), or 610,000 T13 (no wounded). I have managed to get to level 6 with no wounded using 80K T10 cavalry.
* HARD - contains 50 levels of Viking, ranging from 10.6M to 196.9M power. It is recommended that you attack them with 232,000 T13 cavalry.

The rewards for each Viking killed naturally is based on the difficulty and level of the Viking, but they will all drop a material chest, some medals, some research stones and a Viking chest (small chest for easy Vikings up to level 49, up to level 29 for normal and level 9 for hard; or a medium chest for easy level 50, normal levels 30-50, and hard level 10-39; with a large chest only dropped at hard levels 40-50). These chest all contain gold in varying quantities and a few chips for the tavern Wheel of Fortune.

2) Alliance Trial - This tab allows you to see what Vikings your alliance members are up to. It also enables you to see which members are asking for help with their Vikings. This means that the co-ordinates don't need to be posted in alliance chat, but posting the occasional reminder to check is probably a good idea,

3) Alliance Challenge - There is a reason this is called the Alliance challenge, and that is because it is difficult to achieve. Certain criteria must be achieved before it is possible to summons the 3 Viking bosses. See below for more details about each of them.