Royal Thief

Royal Thief

It seems there is something happening
And it is fabulous to see,
That all of you are busy,
And causing Royal thieves to be.

Excellent work everyone. Lots of thieves means lots of activity is going on, which is great for your growth. So I thought I would take the opportunity to do a little research about Royal Thieves.

Thieves appear when a certain amount of daily activity has been reached, but the level of this activity does appear to be a bit random (so some days require more work than others), but they should appear most days. When they do appear, they will come as a set of three, all with the same power and rewards, however three different players must kill one each, and this requires the owner sending invitations to other alliance members. This can be done by tapping on the carriage in front of your castle gate.

Currently, FOE has 4 thief killers - Zpokacko, Bari, LionheartEA and MaxTeoApollo. If anyone else is able to take on a thief, please let me know. When your thieves appear, please send an invite to these 4 players. You can only send a maximum of 5 invitations to alliance members only. Please bear in mind that once the thieves have spawned, they will only stay around for 2 hours.

The thieves themselves are classified as a medium difficulty monster, with a power level of 13.6M. They require 20 stamina and cannot be rallied. As with all boss monsters, it is recommended that you attack with mounted troops and a strong mounted general. Evony suggests having 150K T10 cavalry will beat the thief, but the number of wounded is highly dependant on your general, research and buffs. Using 280K T10 cavalry will give you less (or zero) wounded.

The rewards? So glad you asked. Aside from the expected monarch and general exp, prestige and honour you get from attacking the thief, they are also likely to drop a warriors scroll chest (for crafting warrior equipment), refining stones, spiritual beast exp, an artwork fragment chest, a legendary (level 4) treasure map and the royal thief chest (which contains medals, general exp, material chests and 3 hour speed-ups).

Here's the good news for the rest of us non-thief killers - if all three thieves are killed, then we get 3 royal chests as a reward. These chests may contain gems, dragon crystals, badges, speed-ups, resources and resource chests, gold, refining stones, research stones and/or teleports. Not bad for getting someone else to kill them for you.

So, don't ignore the ambassador when he comes calling with the Royal thieves, send out invites and enjoy the rewards. But also please, let everyone know when you are able to destroy thieves too, as more thief killers will ensure more certainty of rewards for all.