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Undead Invasion

A large army of Undead are coming. Defend your City and earn rewards!

Undead Invasion

This event lasts for a bit over an hour (depending on how far away you are from the snow mountain). It involves a series of up to 20 Undead army marches attacking your city at 3 minute intervals. The strength of these marches is dependant on your keep level and it is a test of your defences and troop strength. A bubble (truce agreement) will NOT protect your castle. Troops will be wounded and traps will be used, but no resources will be plundered or Generals killed during this event. Only the R4 or R5 of an alliance can activate this event. When they activate it, the Undead armies will emerge from the nearest snow mountain.

Points will be awarded for each attack at your castle and if you provide support (reinforcement) to other members of your alliance, this will earn you extra points. The rewards you receive will be related to your personal score and the alliance score. These will be received at the end of the event countdown, not when all the alliances marches have ended, so there is not immediate rewards available.

The attacks will continue, getting slightly stronger with each wave until either all 20 waves are completed or 2 of the attacks have a less than 50% kill rate. Each attack will result in a report, so you can measure your progress.

Weekly (for 2 days over the weekend)