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Battle of Guagamela

The Battle of Guagamela is an alliance team event where two alliances of similar power from different servers compete against each other for points on a battlefield map. Points can be obtained by occupying buildings, killing monsters and killing enemy troops. What really makes this a fantastic event to be part of is that regardless of whether you win or lose, there are great resource rewards, and all wounded troops are automatically healed on completion of the battle.

Battle of Guagamela

Just a quick message for today, as we have BoG and I thought it could be useful (granted a little last minute) to try and understand how scores are generated in BoG. If we can make the most of getting points, then ultimately that increases our chances of victory. But you are all winners in my eyes anyway - just saying.

Like BoC, you get points for occupying and reinforcing buildings. The points from the buildings are less than BoC, which is why it can seem difficult and slow at the start to gain points.
*Portals - 4 points for capturing, then 1 point per minute for occupying. Reinforcing will give you 20% of the building points.
**Hospital - 1 point for capturing, then 1 point per minute for occupying. Reinforcing will give you 20% of the building points.
*Blessing Tower - 2 points for capturing, and 1 point per minute for occupying. Reinforcing will.give you 20% of the building points.
**March Tower - same as hospital.

Also like BoC, you will get points for killing enemy troops. The higher the troop level you kill, the more points you get.

The difference between BoG and BoC is the presence of boss monsters. Killing these guys will give you points too. To maximise your effectiveness, it is suggested bigger players take on the bigger bosses so smaller players can take on the smaller bosses. It is NOT recommended that you rally (at least early in the battle) to reduce time wastage and maximise the number of monster kills over the enemy.
*Skeleton Dragon and Werewolves - will give you 1 point
**Manticore and Yasha - will give you 2 points
*Peryton and Minotaur - will give you 3 points
**Griffin's - 4 points
*Ifrit - 5 points
**The big bosses - points unknown, but can only imagine it delivers the best points.
Yes, it is possible to rally, but only the host will get the kill points. Everyone else will get 20% of the value, so it may be best to worry about them later in the battle.

As I am not yet able to destroy LVL 4 boss monsters, otherwise known as skeleton dragons, it is a good opportunity for me to try (my troops will be healed at the end regardless of whether I win or lose) and better to kill my troops on monsters than have the enemy get points for killing them. So my game plan is to occupy and reinforce for points. I will let you decide your game plan.

So let's battle together and earn all the points we can, the best way we can. Go FOE!

Weekly (run weekly on a week day for four weeks)