Leveling up Generals

At the heart of every castle's development are the Generals. These guys and gals are crucial for so many of your activities, however they are quite a complex and needy group of individuals and require attention regularly to stay in top peak condition.

Image of 'The Map Room' in the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy. 

The Importance of Levelling up your General

Levelling up (or powering up) your generals is a very important part of strengthening your castle. So many factors in getting the most from your generals is linked to their level. For example, your general is required to reach a level of 5 before you can add their first star (refer to General Enhancing topic). You also cannot open the generals specialty skills until they are level 25. Naturally the power of your general also increases with each level. But don't be fooled into thinking this is the only way to develop a powerful general, Evony is a complex game and levelling up is only a small part of the equation.

As you would expect, a brand new general, however you manage to obtain him/her, will have no experience what-so-ever. While there are plenty of generals not worth much effort, I have been led to believe that levelling them up will increase their value (in other words, you will gain more gold) when you dismiss them. I cannot confirm or deny this from my own experience - an interesting experiment if you have spare multiples of the same general you want to get rid of.


Below is a table (incomplete as I haven't gathered all the data yet, and I can't yet reach the lofty heights of the big levels) of what experience is required to level up your generals. The experience (exp) requirements do not change between the different colours of general and as with all things Evony, it gets increasingly more 'expensive' as the levels get higher. The dismissal bonus does differ between the colours and probably the sub groups (historic vs non-historic) but I have very little recorded data on that (for now). I have not added the 'red' ascended generals, primarily for the reason that if you have invested all that time and effort into getting a red general, I don't know why would you even consider dismissing him/her, but feel free to let me know if you have any information i can add.

VERY IMPORTANT: Your general's level can NEVER exceed your monarch level. To get the strongest generals possible for your castle, do NOT neglect your monarch level.

General Level
Exp Required to Level Up
Dismissal Rate (White General)
Dismissal Rate (Green General)
Dismissal Rate (Blue General)
Dismissal Rate (Purple General)
Dismissal Rate (Gold General)
Need 700 exp to move to level 2
Need 1.4 (1,400) exp to move to level 3
Need 2.8K (2,800) exp to move to level 4
Need 4.2K (4,200) exp to move to level 5
Need 6.3K (6,300) exp to move to level 6
Need 8.4K (8,400) exp to move to level 7
Need 11.2K (11,200) exp to move to level 8
Need 14.7K (14,700) exp to move to level 9
Need 18.9K (18,900) exp to move to level 10
Need 56K (56,000) exp to move to level 13
Need 91K (91,000) exp to move to level 14
Need 140K (140,000) exp to move to level 15
Need 210K (210,000) exp to move to level 16
Need 350K (350,000) exp to move to level 17
Need 525K (525,000) exp to move to level 18
Need 700K (700,000) exp to move to level 19
Need 980K (980,000) exp to move to level 20
Need 1.4M (1,400,000) exp to move to level 21
Need 2.1M (2,100,000) exp to move to level 22
Need 3.1M (3,100,000) exp to move to level 23
Need 4.2M (4,200,000) exp to move to level 24
Need 5.6M (5,600,000) exp to move to level 25
Need 6.4M (6,400,000) exp to move to level 26
Need 8.9M (8,900,000) exp to move to level 27
Need 12.1M (12,100,000) exp to move to level 28

There are many ways to level up your general :


                    a) You can buy his/her love (and experience). As a free player this is not an option for me, but there are plenty of packages you can purchase that contain general experience books. These can quickly level up you Generals with relative ease, but like I said, will cost you real money.

                    b) There are so many in-game ways of getting general experience books that it is likely I haven't even scratched the surface with the list here. They are frequently present in reward chests, monsters can drop them, event rewards may give them, or you can exchange other items for them (for example in the fragrance, tea, pegasus and similar events). The blackmarket and battlefield shop also frequently have general experience books available, plus finishing your daily activity tasks will also give you these books. Lastly there is a chance you can win them in the Patrol and Wheel of Fortune. With so many methods of obtaining them for free, I'm not sure why you would buy them, but I don't have any high level generals that need levelling up further, so maybe I shouldn't judge.


                   If you pay attention to your monster reports (and you should), you would notice that every time you kill a monster, one of the standard rewards is general experience. This is added to the general you send out only. Of course the bonus now that you can use Assistant Generals, is that they both gain this experience (no, it is not shared between them), so I encourage you to send a stronger (level 21+) and a weak general to rallies for the this purpose (note that a general must be a certain level before an assistant can accompany them, hence why one needs to be a strong general).

Of course, the stronger the monster you are killing (or rallying) the better the experience, but the general consensus amongst the research I have done, is that general exp should NOT be a consideration when joining rallies or killing monsters as it is not an efficient method  (costs you stamina to start with). Monster killing is always more beneficial for other aspects of your development (consider the rewards from monsters before general exp gained). For specific detail on the exp you gain from monsters, please refer to the monster topic (home page).

Bonus Tip: There is a number of different general gear pieces (especially rings) that will give you additional general exp when you attack monsters, so be sure to add these to your monster killers to keep them levelled up. 

Added Bonus Tip: If you research Tactical EXP under the Military heading in the Academy, that will also improve the exp you gain killing monsters.


                   I personally wouldn't recommend this is a way of getting general experience, but it does give general exp so is worth a brief mention. The amount of exp you will gain from this is completely dependant on the amount of power you reduce of the castle you are attacking and the tier/level of troops that you destroy. So attacking a small, empty/dead castle will not give your general much experience, but attacking a similarly sized keep with higher level troops inside will give good exp (provided your general survives the event). 

Why don't I like this method? Well essentially it comes down to trust and the overall cost.

      Firstly, there will be troop wounding and depending on  the defensive strength of the castle you are attacking, those numbers could be high.

      Secondly, if the attack goes badly, you can potentially get your general killed or captured, which rather defeats the purpose of trying to level them up.

      Lastly, it will cost the attacked castle too, in lost troops which if a friend is doing you a favour, isn't helping their development (less of a concern if they aren't a friend of course, but making enemies just to level up your generals does seem a little extreme). There isn't much exp to be gained from attacking an empty castle, as mentioned above.

Finding the right balance is very complicated, so use this method of levelling at your own risk, but please don't expect me to say yes if you wish to use my castle in this venture.


                   This is probably the easiest and least taxing on your time, way to level up a general. Just place your weak general in one of your subordinate cities and just leave them there. You will find that the next time you check, they have levelled up without you knowing it. 



                   I would like to acknowledge the help I have had from our FOE friends, Lionheart, Bamboo, Hunza and B.M.W., on researching this specific method of levelling up your generals. This has to be one of the very best (fastest, easiest and cheapest) ways to level up your generals, by attacking an un-owned sub city. It doesn't cost you stamina (cheap) and each attack will give you more experience than many of the other methods available (efficient).

There are a couple of points you do need to consider when using this method.

     Firstly, this is not an activity that can be done from the safety of inside your bubble. It is an attack play, so please consider doing it when it is safe for you to be unbubbled. We are fortunate in some ways, to be on a server that is in near permanent peace, but definitely don't consider doing this while we are having a server war (or if you have desirable sub city that may be poached by others).
     Secondly, while this is the quickest method to level up your generals, it is still not a fast process if you wish to level up several generals. Be prepared to spend some time doing a very monotonous activity. But it is certainly a pain that can be shared if several friends join you.

Tips before you begin...
1) Make sure all your sub city slots are filled. This method of levelling up general's will not work if you keep occupying the sub. If you are planning on using one of your own sub cities for this exercise, then after you have abandoned your sub, occupy another (empty whites are generally easy to find and located nearby) just for the duration of the attacks. And don't worry, when you reclaim your sub afterward, it will return to the state of development it was at when you abandoned it.
2) Use your march presets. To level up your general you will need to attack over and over and over, so preparing a march preset will save you a lot of swiping and resetting (and worst of all, trying to find the general you want again and again and again and ...).
3) It is NOT necessary to remove the gear from the general before being levelled up (so please ignore that rumour). They are more likely to assist if you use the right gear (for example, siege gear) .
4) Put your best troop gear onto your monarch. It should be specific for the troops (fire staff, grail and decoration for siege buffs) that you will be using.
5) As a slight added benefit put some other generals that need levelling up in your own sub cities. These generals are likely to level up a bit too during the process.
6) Remember, that while your Generals will usually be low level at the start, when they get to a high enough level, you will be able to attack with an assistant general, who will also gain experience (two for the price of one). Of course you could just make sure your stronger generals are kept in peak condition while growing your newest acquisitions.

The process of levelling up your general is pretty simple ... just attack the unoccupied sub city over and over and over and over until your general is levelled up to the level you want. But to manage it with little to no cost in wounded or killed troops is the challenge. It is important to not be too greedy in trying to get your generals levelled up. Using a gold sub city will give you the highest experience awarded with each attack, however, if your troops aren't strong enough to manage that level sub city, you will get killed troops. Wounded is not an option and killed is a total waste of effort. It is better for lower keeps to try lower level subs for general experience and leave attacking the big subs for the big keeps.

The best type of troops to use is siege and they best way to use them, is by applying layers. By layers, I mean different levels/tiers. Layering allows for attack times per turn (it's a bit complicated, but it is based on the battle mechanics - how the game determines whether you win or lose the attack).

Depending on your time and the availability of a sub to use, it is suggested that your first priority be duty generals as they can provide the biggest advantage to your castle. However, this does not mean you should neglect your other generals, as they all have a purpose and when levelled up can fulfil their function even better.

So, enough about the process, let's get down to the numbers (please note that these numbers are averages, as different culture subs will give you different exp - as if the game wasn't complicated enough, now something else for me to research) ...
     * To level up using a white sub city will net you around 5,456 (about 5K) exp per attack. I didn't find any recommended march presets for white subs, as the general consensus was they weren't really worth worrying about, better to use a higher quality sub than white for levelling up generals.
     * To level up using a
green sub city will net you around 48,765 (about 49K) exp per attack.

                Sending a march of 5K of T4-T7 (5000 level 4 siege, 50000 level 5 siege, 5000 level 6 siege and 5000 level 7 siege) + 10K T8 (10,000 level 8 siege) + 15K T9 (15,000 level 9 siege) should give you no deaths. (total of 45K or 45,000 siege per march) - I have actually managed to split this suggestion in half with another 1000 T10 (level 10 siege) added and send two marches to attack a green sub with no wounded, but that could be due to my siege research.

                Alternatively you can also use 15K (15,000) of each level of siege up to T8 (or every level of siege up to level 8 siege). (total of 120K or 120,000 siege per march). This seems like a LOT of siege to me. 
     * To level up using a
blue sub city will net you around 153,390 (about 153K) exp per attack.

                Sending a march of 10K (10,000) of each level of siege (up to T8 or up to level 8 siege) + 11K T9 (11,000 level 9 siege), will give you no deaths. (total of 91K or 91,000 siege per march)

                Alternatively, using just 50K T9 (50,000 level 9 siege) + 50K T10 (50,000 level 10 siege) siege will give you good results. (total of 100K or 100,000 siege per march) (- thanks Hunza).
     * To level up using a
purple sub city will net you around 462,773 (about 463K) exp per attack.

                Sending a march of 10K (10,000) of each level of siege (up to T10 or up to level 10 siege) + 100K T11 (100,000 level 11 siege), will give you no deaths. If you do have deaths, it is likely your research is the problem. (total of 200K or 200,000 siege per march)

                Alternatively, sending a march of 10K (10,000) of each level of siege (up to T9 or up to level 9 siege) + 50K T10 (50,000 level 10 siege) + 200K T11 (200,000 level 11 siege), will give you no deaths. (total of 340K or 340,000 siege per march) (- thanks Bamboo).
     * To level up using a
gold sub city will net you around 3,129,406 (about 3M) exp per attack.

                Sending a march of 120K T11 (120,000 level 11 siege) + 300K T12 (300,000 level 12 siege) (with a siege attack buff of 336%) will result in no deaths. (total of 420K or 420,000 siege per march).

                Alternatively, you can use 20K T1-T9 (20,000 siege for each level from 1 to 9) + 30K T10-T11 (30,000 level 10 siege and 30,000 level 11 siege). (total of 240K or 240,000 siege per march).
     * To level up using a
historic sub city will net you around 9,527,145 (about 9.5M) exp per attack, but the likelihood of Eli allowing you to do this to her sub, and the fact that you probably need really good troops, means it isn't worth considering at our current keep sizes. But in saying that, just to make these notes complete... 

                  It is suggested using 100K T12 to T14 (100,000 level 12 siege, 100,000 level 13 siege and 100,000 level 14 siege). (total of 300,000 siege per march).

                  Or alternatively, 300K T11 (300,000 level 11 siege) + 200K T12 (200,000 level 12 siege) + 250K T13 (250,000 level 13 siege). (total of 750,000 siege per march). I would really need to work on my march size before I can even consider training those sort of numbers of siege (and that's not including the fact that I can't train those levels yet).