To become strong on Evony : The Kings Return, you must learn the art of attack and defence. Here is an opportunity to understand how to use your advantages to their maximum potential and show the rest of the server that you are not to be messed with.

Image of one of the many displays in the Light Garden, Dubai.  


Attacking and defence is the only way to progress at a reasonable rate when playing Evony. Of course you could just gather and build but, apart from being a VERY long and laborious process, that is presuming no-one else on the server is going to think you are inactive and look for an opportunity to use your castle as a farm. You need to understand attacking at the very least for monsters on the server (its a great way to get resources and speed-ups), and defence for your own protection. 

Battle Mechanics

Understanding how a battle against a monster or player has been developed can provide some insight in to how to win against what may seem an unstoppable opponent. I have found some very good information that I have added here that may help to explain why sometimes you win and sometimes you don't. Of course, the mechanics of the battle is only one element of the overall event, and does not include the use of buffs, debuffs, research, general, general gear and troops of either of the players.

So lets start at the basics - yes there are 4 types of troops you will encounter in a battle; ground (the muscle), archers (also referred to as ranged), cavalry (also referred to as mounted) and the siege machines. The standard battle mechanics for troops are :                                                    GROUND beats RANGED

                                                                        RANGED beats MOUNTED

                                                                        MOUNTED beats GROUND

                                                                        SIEGE are neutral

In a 'neutral' site (temples, tiles, relics) with equal numbers of troops and buffs, the advantage is about 80% survival to the winner. However the reality is that the troop buffs can give you hidden advantages (or disadvantages).



The way I see it, is there are really only two types of attacking in Evony, attacking monsters and attacking other players. Attacking monsters essentially requires an adequate number of troops to overcome the power of the monster. Attacking another player requires a lot more thought and preparation, comes with potential consequences such as retaliation and revenge, and is more exciting.


I realise you are probably sick of hearing this, but your very best defence comes from using your truce agreement (the 'bubble'). Please refer to the Basic Skills topic for everything you need to know about this most undervalued defence defensive strategy. How different real world wars would look if we had access to bubbles.