Evony : The Kings Return is a complex game when you get into the nitty gritty of it all. So, while you probably already know all the information that I have posted here, I hope it will provide at least a quick reference for the finer details that may be of interest, and if nothing else, at least explain some of the terminology used.

Image of Parkes Radio Telescope (the Australian telescope in the middle of a sheep paddock), Parkes, New South Wales, Australia. Watch the movie 'The Dish' if you dont understand the significance to Australians.


Your Server

This refers to the map that the game is played on. FOE is located on server 585.


Your Castle

This refers to the main buiding you occupy on the server.


Your Keep

This is the central building in your castle. It is responsible for managing everything that happens to your castle, from the building you can build to the buffs you can use to your advantage. A low keep will prevent you from certain activities.


Your Items

When players refer to items, it generally refers to the collection of chests, speed ups and equipment you have gathered from monster kills and resource gathering. These can be very useful to you if you know how to find and use them effectively. 


Your Culture

Your culture refers to the country your castle represents. Each culture has a number of differences which can assist your game, so it is worthwhile considering which culture is best for how you want to play.


Your Alliance

Sometime this may be referred to as your team or your family. For us, we belong to the Friends on Evony (FOE) Alliance, and seriously, this is only the best alliance / team / family to be part of.


Resource Tiles

There are two locations you will find resource tiles. They refer to the farms, sawmills, quarries, ore and gem mines found on the server map. It is also used to refer to the farms, sawmills, quarries and ore mines that are found outside the wall of your castle. To make it easier to differentiate between the two, I tend to refer to the castle resources as in-city resource tiles (although technically they are not in your city).