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Witch's Gift

Witch's Gift


Witch's Gift : Open to receive one or more items from it.

Used For : 

Useful for the contents, but note that the resources are NOT boxes, so receiving the resource rewards will go directly into your warehouse. If it is the food, then just remember if you don't use it, there is the possibility your troops will eat it if you don't use it quickly enough.

How to Use : 

Access the Witch's Gift from your item chest and 'use'.

How to Get this Item : 

These items can only be gained after you receive a Dwarf's Delicious Pie (refer to Dwarf's Delicious Pie item in the Common Item index for further information). Once you have a Dwarf's Delicious Pie, you need to visit a Mysterious Witch, which will result in use of the Pie and 2 x stamina. By visiting the Mysterious Witch, you will be rewarded with a Witch's Gift.

Other Information :