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Undead General Chest

Undead General Chest


Use it to have a chance of getting Historic General (Undead General) and items in it. (Each player can only own one Undead General. The 2nd Undead General or later will be converted to other items).

Used For : 

This item is used as a source of additional rewards from the Undead Event.

How to Use : 

This item is received during the Undead Event. It does not appear for each player at each event. To open the chest, you will need to access it from your items menu.

How to Get this Item : 

The Undead General Chest will occur as a random drop during the Undead Event. While I have not found it reported anywhere, my experience suggests that this drop will only occur near the end of the event (following a successful wave 15 or higher). Also refer to 'Undead Event' (in Events topic, Event Centre).

Other Information :