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Lucky Box VII (Gift)

Lucky Box VII (Gift)


Lucky Box VII : Compose the box to gain the items in it.

Used For : 

These boxes are a useful source of special item rewards along with the usual resources. If you have particular wants or needs, knowing which box to compose from which tickets can be useful to help you attain the rewards you desire.

How to Use : 

To open the chest, you will need to access it from your items menu.

How to Get this Item : 

This box needs to be composed from a combination of coloured tickets, which you can get during Lucky Composing events from killing monsters and gathering at tiles and relics.

This specific box is made by combining a blue, purple and orange ticket (in any order).

The tickets must be used within a certain time after the the completion of the event, however the boxes will remain in your item list until opened.

Other Information :