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Light of Glory

Light of Glory


Light of Glory : The symbol of knight glory. Login for a certain days in Login Rewards event of the Fifth Anniversary to get.

Used For : 

This item is a status symbol only. It offers no buffs or benefits from being used, however it does give the advantage of making your image stand out amongst a crowd of players with the same avatar (as long as they don't have it too).

How to Use : 

Just by 'using' this item from your item chest will result in this frame being applied to your monarchs image.

How to Get this Item : 

This reward is gained by logging in for a specific number of days (7 days if I remember correctly) and claiming the Login rewards from the Events menu.

Other Information : 

This decorative item can be removed and re-applied whenever you wish by opening your Monarch Detail and tapping on your Monarch image. This will open the option of 'Change Avatar Frame', which will allow you to choose from a number of selections (but note that they do have to be earnt or obtained from Special Events).