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Imperial Seal Fragment

Imperial Seal Fragment


Imperial Seal Fragment, can be used to unlock and upgrade Imperial Seal

Used For : 

Owning a completed Imperial (level 1) will give you the following buffs:
+6% attacking mounted and ground troop defence
+6% attacking siege machine and ranged troop defence
+3% march size
-5% enemy ground troop attack
Using a completed Imperial Seal (level 1) will activate an additional +1.4% subordinate city training speed. Refer to building 'Wonder', for more information about the Imperial Seal.

How to Use : 

You are required to collect 300 fragments to assemble an Imperial Seal. Further fragments are required to upgrade the level of your treasure.

How to Get this Item : 

The civilization treasure fragments are available from Treasure Boxes (also found in Common Items)

Other Information : 

The Imperial Seal is one of 7 civilization treasures that are used once your 'Wonder' has been activated.