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Growth Package

Growth Package


Growth Package : Open the package to gain rare items. Please upgrade your keep to use this item.

Used For : 

Opening this item will provide you with some extra rewards for upgrading your castles keep, usually some resources, speed ups, gems and medals.

How to Use : 

This item is available each time you increase the level of your castles keep. When you tap on the icon it will show the option of 'Open' if you haven't already opened it, otherwise it will only show the option of 'Detail' indicating this is your next level keep package. Selecting 'Detail' will show you what rewards you will get.

How to Get this Item : 

You will only be able to open this package when you upgrade your keep level. The next level package will appear in your items chest when the previous level has been opened (i.e. a level 26 package will appear only after the level 25 package has been opened, and this level 26 package will only be able to be opened when your keep level 26 construction has been completed).

Other Information : 

This item will always appear as the first item in your 'Common' item menu and in the 'All' item menu, unless you have unused castle decorations. It will be present regardless of whether it can or cannot be opened (dependant on your keep level).