My Background

My name is Itchnesun and I have been playing Evony: The Kings Return since July 2021 (I think). While I would like to say I look like my avatar in real life, it is best you don't fall under the illusion that I do (my shoulders could never pull off those shoulder pads, and I really dislike hats). My Evony culture is Japanese, but my real culture is Australian. In Evony, I am the leader (R5) of the FOE alliance, only the best alliance on server 585, if not the whole of Evony. In real life, I work in the Health system.


Anyway, when I found that there was lots of information available on how to play this game (and you thought it was just an intriguing puzzle game -  that's how I got hooked), I started gathering notes. As these notes grew in number, I realised I needed to get some order to them and then thought why not give access to my wonderful new friends on Evony (FOE). I love sharing my knowledge with my alliance and so now you have your own special resource to refer to.

So I really hope this guide is useful and easy to navigate. It is still a work in progress, so I am definitely open to any suggestions and comments you may have.